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Tomato Plant problems

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G'day guys


got a few problems with a outdoor tomato plant grow.


The plants had no problems in there grow state very healthly - large plants thick stems, nice colour.


When they started to flower the bottom leaves started to go yellow and look real sick, plants had very reduced stock of fruit.


Most off the plant went like this by end of fruiting.


I have grown tomato plants before and never had this problem


Ive attahced some pictures of the how the leaves went. Anyone who could help me this problem, i would be very thankful.


thanks in advance




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tomato plans are prone to so many virus, dieases, and fungas - growing weed is so much easier.


My soil ph is 5.7 - only ever had organic nutes (like ive done for years) and bought soil from local nursery for the grow (the soil is really good).


Ive recently moved from the middle of NSW inland to the coast of NSW, maybe its the humid enviroment on the coast causing my problems


I think the problem im having is from some kind of tomato fungas/wilt.



Anyone had any problems with growing tomato on the coast, I would love to hear from you.






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Hi Jack

That looks like some heavy duty die off....I'm not so clued up about tomato plants or growing in soil, but how big are the pots you grow the plant in? Do you check for salinity or put them in a bigger pot as they get larger?


A couple things that come to my mind is that the roots could either be balling up or strangling themselves (if theyre in a small pot) or you could have some excessive salt deposits (You'll know because you'll see salt crystals around the lip of the pot)


The last is heat/watering...does the soil retain a lot of water during days without rain, or are you watering it manually/or on a timer? We've had a lot of heat waves from the centre of Aus to the east coast within the last month, and those 2-3 days can be all the difference....


Or are you growing with your soil in the ground? (Au naturel)


Sorry I cant be of more assistance


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