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My Setup and Design Notes


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Howdy folks. Had this on PS but the sites down, so I'm redoing it here, and hope to get some feed back.



1 Wardrobe Dimensions: 159cm High x 47cm Deep x 80cm + 46cm Wide

1 400w HPS sonT

1 800L/hr pump

1 fish tank air pump with airstone

2 worm factory basins

1 worm factory slotted bottom basin

1 lid

2 10in pots

6 20w CF lamps

6 light mounts

2 120mm case fans (computer)

1 P133 Compaq computer

1 8in Bathroom Fan

assorted wiring material.



Thats the wardrobe, closed.



Removed the middle section to make 1 large area, and the right side



The control panel.



Seed side and possible veg room. Has 6x 20w CF's, equal to 540W



light and exhaust fans (top is 8in left is 2x 120mm case fans)



The other stuff, Nutes A+B, thermometer, etc. Using the big jug is for mixing the nutes and water, to make it easy to remember how much for each grow.



A during_build_ image of how the 2 pots will sit. These are inside the room sitting in a drip bucket, inside the basin. from which it goes back out the wall to the feed bin outside.



These were cleaned after i did the photos heh. Most of these are taken during the building process.


Im on day 3 of seedlings. Got them on the windowsill till they start rooting, then i'll place them in the box on the right side till the roots get better and i can pop em in the clay balls and get started.


First crop will be Bubbelicious, simply cause I wanted to try a sweet tasting herb...but after this, if i dont try a Hollans Hope, im gonna order some Stonehenge from Sagarmatha. But 1 thing first, and that is to survive this grow with my sanity intact.


the temp sits around 24 when the light and fans are off, and ~28 when its on, so i think i'm good on that part...will have to see.


If you're bored and want a video i made of the final product (grow box) PM me and i'll send a link. Its about 1 minutes, and ~6mb in size. This next week (weekend) will be used lightproofing the box. I'm not worried as it is in my garage, and its dark as hell in there....but better safe than budless.

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lovely looking grow box u have there  :thumbsup


cant wait to see how it goes lol would also like to see that movie + alot of fellow stoners im sure are into watching all those kinds of movies lol


btw, love the way u finished....better safe than budless  :rolleyes:


Guess what?


My Grow Box

Merry Christmas

It's a bit dark, so I'll have to redo it, but that gives you an idea

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