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Homemade tincture



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Ahh, now, soaking and evaporating is more for making oil than tincture. The longer you soak it the more impurities (ie chlorophyll-The stuff that makes plants green) will be dissolved. 

Tincture is for drinking, where as, oil is more for smoking

I've made both oil and tincture 





If your evaporating the alcohol off (making oil) I'd suggest using something like isopropyl alcohol rather than a more expensive grain alcohol.

If you want to make a drinking tincture, do not allow the temp to go above 77degrees or all of the alcohol will evaporate

Iso is around 97-99% pure alcohol, if it's not fully evaporated the smoked oil can pop and fart and splatter when ignited (NOT WHAT YOU WANT) 


DO NOT try making a drinking tincture with iso, drinking iso can (along with some other activities lol ) send you blind


Hope it helps


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I like some of the theory, but it doesn't give much detail ie temps, times etc

Temps are important because the hotter you get it the more breakdown of cannabinoids occurs, so the lesser temps the better

But timings are important too. I burn off my chlorophyll (the green stuff) in the sun. But the UV also affects the cannabinoids, so timings are paramount.


The stuff I make sets solid like toffee, I have to set the jar on a warmer to get a spot or heat up a wire to swipe thru it, but as an under tongue lozenge...  ...yea, that could work. Might try that lol 



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