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Sick Plant

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you need to really look at the plant , go through all branches looking for any bug or bug holes 

checking branches haven't broken away from the main trunk just to be sure its not an above ground problem 


but i suspect you have issues under the soil surface at the root system , might have to do some digging around

got anymore pic's & do you have a microscope / jewellers loupe to look at things close up 

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if it is root rot it's hard to recover from but not impossible 

being that your currently into the last half of the plants life cycle = flowering 


any repotting will mostly provide negative results , mainly because she is 

already hindered from her potential , repotting during flower will only be a

further hindrance to that potential 


root rot is a pathogen & is caused by over watering which your other plants in the back ground 

look to have that droopy leaf look like they are getting the same treatment 


because its a soil borne pathogen you could make a compost extract to try & out compete the 

pathogen with beneficial microbes but like a yellowing leaf on a plant , it will never go back to 

being green , same as a damaged root system it will never recover , the plant can grow new

roots though but once again your already in the last half of the plants life cycle , not enough time

to really do much , some of us will cut our losses & save on fertilizer , time & effort & cull her 


Phytophthora root and stem rot is a soil-borne fungal disease caused by Phytophthora sojae.

This pathogen causes seed rots, pre- and post emergence damping off of seedlings and stem rot

of plants at various growth stages.

Disease development is favored by soil temperatures above 60f and high soil moisture.

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