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I over fed my plants and burned

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I over fed my plants and burned, that was just the beginning of many problems...

I tried to save it by defoliating ALL the burnt leaves (which was 99% of them), then I re-vedged it.

When the plant got re-vedged the leaves were shiny and round... I didn't like them so I devoliated,

all of the round leaves... Currently the plant has been under 13 off 11 on cycle for about two

weeks. Bud production has not slowed down, thank God.... but the very small leaves that I have

started to turn grayish purple on the tips, not sure if that is a bad or a good thing at the moment...

to be honest I am not sure what to do... Should I cut it and start over? I have a Blue Dream and

Mac1 that is on their 4th week of veg so I can just focus on them instead... I need some advice...

Should I just start over and press this for rosen? or should I flower it out for a few more weeks?






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