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g'day need some mentoring


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 G'day all , Im an ol bloke ,been at this game 40  odd yrs . Ive not grown indoors for 28 yrs. I had a flood and drain in the day. I'm gunna have another crack at indoors , but every thing has changed so much. IM looking at a mars 4x4 and SF 4000, and one of them flash cloud series extraction fans. I have no idea what medium to use and hence which nutrients  to use. I would love if someone could help me out a bit .  Ive been lurking about here for around 12yrs . Somewhere here are some picks of some outdoor grows Ive done . I will see if i can find em.  Anyway I hope yas can help an ol man out , Goodonyas.

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Ahh yes, the 'ol medium debate. Some will swear that coco is best, some will swear perlite is key, but there is no right vs wrong or best vs worst. It's a choice thing.

Me, I grow in a recirculating system, using perlite/clayballs. Because I'm recirculating I don't want to be pushing the finer crap from coco through my system, so I use well washed perlite. Some people use a  "Run-To-Waste" system, so no recirculation. The 'finer crap from coco' isn't  so much of a concern with rtw systems.

Perlite can take a bit of preparation (washing), perlite compresses down over time. This reduces the airpockets around the roots. With coco that's not a problem.

With coco, you need coco specific nutrients. With perlite you don't.


So it really is a case of weighing up the pro's and con's for you, your environment and how you choose to grow. This grow game is all about choices.



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G'day Dingo , I always drop in around plantin and harvest time. Do you know what happened to  Green Queen? she went dark all of a sudden  few yrs back. Did she get busted? she was pretty out there with some of her posts, even showing her face. Hope ya goin ok.

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