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Platinum grow box?

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OMG and that was sold as what? A hydro setup???

You'd be much better investigating your options, coming on here and asking questions BEFORE purchasing anything.

You 'maybe' able to use some of it (ie the pump), but the rest of it.... Hmmmm?

What was the cost of the setup? What else was included??


Here's a bit of a mud map of a setup post-24238-0-33978300-1636413428_thumb.png

That shows a 4 pot recirculating setup, but in real basic terms, a main feedline  and a main return line. From there you can run a 1 pot, 2 pot, 3 pot... 

Here's a bit of a mud map of my growspace post-24238-0-51627500-1636413332_thumb.png  with a 1 pot setup

And here's the outcome 7 - My 1 plant SCROG - Galleries - Cannabis Community (ozstoners.com)


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It cost me bout 120 an it comes with either the halo or 4 seperate little feeder lines,I started to use one a couple years ago in my first attempt(didn’t finish) it worked well to begin with but yea like I said never finished from wat I can remember it is ment to incorporate aeroponics an hydroponics



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Yea it’s basically the roots grow into the resivour an every 15 or something it pumps the fertiliser back over the roots wich are submerged an suspended in the air...


In basic terms (REAL basic terms) that theory works, but theory and reality are often miles apart.

" ...the roots grow into the resivour... " Yea, they do, but you need something to support the initial roots, something like a rockwool cube. Get your roots established in the cube and then transplant the cube into your grow medium (the clayballs).

Again in real basic terms, the green growth above the pot is approx equal to the root growth in the pot, so if you look at that 'outcome' pic I posted above, you can imagine the size of the root system below. This is why I use 50ltr pots and even then, by the end of my grow, my pots are chock full of roots. If I used your tray setup the roots would overwhelm the tray even before turning 12/12.


Hydrogrower?? Yea, maybe, for something like lettuce or garden herbs, with short little root systems. Not canna.

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I have seen advertisement pics of a similar setup sitting on a kitchen bench. Mum cooking dinner and picking fresh herbs from her hydro garden for the salad from the bench. Nice theory, but I do query the reality of it.

That rockwool is to give the seedling some stability, you cant be planting a seedling into clayballs, the light will fry any exposed roots. What size is the Rockwool cube? I use 100mm square cubes and grow her under a fluro until the bottom of the cube is covered, white, with roots. Then she goes in the medium. Whilst under the fluro I keep the rockwool moist.


Now, with rockwool, here's what I do. I make a 1/2 strength, pH adjusted nutrient mix and submerge the whole cube in the solution. I use 1/2 strength because you need to nurture the new youngster, gently, not beat her into submission with a full strength nute mix. I remove the saturated cube from the mix, giving it a gentle squeeze to remove the excess fluid. You want it wet, but not dripping wet. I keep the remainder of that 1/2 strength nute mix and use that mix to keep the cube moist until I plant her in the pots.

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It was 75x75 mm but yea I stepped back from it an that whole setup cause the more I looked into things the more it didn’t seem rite I wanted to not have to worry bout ph an just go the easiest setup for my life style(work an sometimes not coming home everyday) I guess that’s why I added soil to my coco /perlite mix cause for some silly reason I thought it mite make the plant abit stronger an more resilient in case I missed a feed or didn’t have time to fix something



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Ahh yes, 'The easiest setup' hmmm. Starting out, there is no such thing. You can set everything up perfectly, but have one hose pop off or a blockage in a drain pipe and OMG. It NEEDS a human to check and keep an eye on it.

During the grow cycle you can leave her for a few days, but in flower a much closer eye is needed

All of my feeding and light timings is done by electric timers. Pump comes on for 15min/hr, every hour. The very last thing you want is for your pump to run dry, that needs a human eye. Now there are meters you can buy that can control and regulate pH and EC levels, but they ain't cheap and can be a pain in the arse to calibrate.

I use the K.I.S.S. theory (Keep it simple stupid), the less things for me to fuck up, the better. I use a one part nute mix, no pissin around with mixing 'part A' and 'part B', no adding extras or boosters or enhancers. Simple.

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