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Please help identify the problem!

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 Hi guys! Hoping someone knowledgable can help me. My plants are severely stunted, about 2 months old and less than a foot tall. Lower fan leaves turning yellow/brownish and new growth is weak. Ive seen a few gnats around but dont think they could do this? Any help would be really appreciated, I'm about to give up!

Cheers, Stoves



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give people as much info as you can to get the best help 


looks like your in soil , what soil is it ?

brought bagged soil straight up or with some added amendments / home made soil mix / peat moss based soil

do you use homemade worm farm castings or compost from your bin as part of your soil mix   

what size pot is that 

what nutrients are you using or no nutrients just straight tap or rain water 

are you trying to control PH by using PH up /down 

what triggers you to water , do you feel the weight of the pot &/or stick your finger in the soil b4 deciding to water

did you over water at the beginning & now over compensating by under watering  

is it a indoor plant under lights or outdoor plant under the sun 

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id get a 300 ml pot bag of good poting mix  feel it make sure its not got heap of wood chips in it , some foam balls like in bean bags mix them with potting mix an repot it , dont pack the new soil down hard water should run threw the pot fairly quick then let trhe soil nearly dry then water so on an get some fish emolsion or something with high nitrigen once or twice a week mix that in with your water .

  that soil you have it in looks hard an water dosent flow threw id say roots cant grow threw it and it dosent dry out anouth between waters and when you repot it try not to mess up the root ball it will be in thats what i would start with . good luck

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