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What are these spots?

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Hi all, what are the spots on my leaves? They occured on one plant and only on a couple leaves. It came up after I changed nutes brand (from a bunnings brand to a GH tri-part). PH 5.8 to 6.3, ppm about 800. After the first drink I added calmag to the mix but still showing. Growing in coco, indoor under Spider Farmer SF2000. Thanks.


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I wouldn't be too worried about that at the moment, she's still real young. Once she gets a bit bigger those leaves will probably die off anyways. What you don't want is that sort of discolouration in the centre at the growing point.

Those leaves are a bit like the plants reservoir, the plant will use what it needs, so don't be too worried about the odd leaf spot, keep an eye on it for sure. If it shows up elsewhere or spreads, that's a bit more concerning but at the moment, don't be too concerned. Micro management is common, it's a weed, let her grow lol



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