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Vape Liquids


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Hi crew ,Did anyone see the news on Tv about most vape liquids.


They really are very bad for you,I am not a Doctor so don't hit me with any crap about what I am about to say here in this post.


In the USA there are quite a few peoples in hospitals with big health probs from vaping shit vape liquids.


I am sorry that I can't remember where I read this info on bad vape liquids,it may have been on this site ???.


I have never used any of these vape liquids an never will.


If anyone  has any more info on these bad vape liquids please go ahead an post on this thread as it may save some poor bugger from a very painful death.


Your eyes will pop out when you read up on what kindda crap is in some of these liquids.



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Hi Merlin ,thanks for the helf with that link mate. :friends:


I could not remember what Tv show that I saw that report on ,Thanks again Merlin ya save my ass again lol. :good:


It's  a Bloody joke that over here in Western Australia you can purchase the vape cartrages but you can't purchase the vaporizers to vape the juice with  or vape weed with.


If I wish to vaperize my cannabis meds ,I have to  purchase a vaperizer from over east coast or Victoria.


The laws are so F~!@#$%^&ck up.



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I think it may vary on the immune system. It also may vary from one liquid to another one. And also depends on its composition, more or less. 

Couple of years ago I started to vape and sticked to vegetable flavor I order from https://vawoo.co.uk/ this website. A week ago I visited the doctor who told me that with my lungs is everything okay. Well, maybe it is also because I am a sportsman (playing tennis every three days in a week) so the result was quite surprising. But again: all depends. 

P.S. That's my opinion based on my own life experience. 

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