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toxicity or deficiency? help please

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Hi there. 


Im having trouble working this one out.


I have 3 of 4 plants that seem to o be showing signs of of nutrient problem. 

All indoor. I am running LED's with 110 litre pots with about 80L of medium, have mixed my own soil ( perlite, premium soil, muchroom compost, castings, rock mineral, some cow manure)   


i noticed that they had PH problem about a fortnight ago. i forgot to add dolomite lime when i mixed the soil. 


added about 3/4 cup worth of Dolomite lime and 1/4 cup of hydrted lime to them to correct. they seemed to respond well to this and got some vigour back in them.


5-7 days later i gave each a compost tea. 2 days after that i gave them ( dynamic lifter pellets which i aerated in water for 2 days and diluated about EC1.0 ) generous sprinkle of blood meal some phosperous rock and some seaweed concentrate(18g) 2 scoops to 8litres of water (LOW EC


 for feed i only use compost tea once a month along with (once a fortnight or so) seaweed concentrate for K bat guano P and Yellow power feed, charlie carp and blood and feather meal from N. I use an EC/PPM stick to check the strength of my feed 


today i took these photos. Im concerned of misdiagnosing the problem and giving them to much of something. my first thoughts are zinc but then i as thinking could be cal lockout. 


so would love some help with this one. 


( the first 3 photos are plants in qstion) and the following photos are not in any order so please reference the photo in your repsonse thanks .



















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Hey Mr.

I'm not a great fan of micro-management nor of the theory 'Add a bit of this and add a bit of that' sort of idea either.

I use a premixed nutrient mix that contains it all, no adding extras, just keep it all nice and simple.

Presently you're not really sure what's missing nor what maybe in excess and nor am I because you seem to have added a bit of everything, so it's a bit hard to tell.


Are you in your grow cycle (18/6) or flower (12/12). If she's in 18/6 then 'usually' she can tolerate changes better than in 12/12 and can recover. When you first go 12/12 it can shock her a bit and this can cause some paling of leaves.

Personally, I'd be suggesting you go to your local hydro store and grab yourself a bottle of hydro nutrient. Flush her properly, flush your whole system and start a fresh. Hydro nutes are a balanced, complete plant food, most hydro mediums are inert, they hold very little to no nutrient value at all and because of this manufacturers have to provide EVERYTHING in their appropriate levels for plants to survive.


Also here's a chart that may assist in diagnosing deficiencies.



Hope it helps


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I just ran into the same issues with my DIY organic soil mix. I added cal-mag to my mix and halved my nutes (remember less is always more!) and let them dry out nicely before getting them back on schedule (I'm on day 5 of 7 without a water and they're perking up again regaining colour). I'm no expert though it's just my two cents. They girls are looking bushy (maybe a trim is in needs) Good luck mate!

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