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Advice for Outdoor behind the shed Auto Grow

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Hey fellow cannabis growers I’ve moved south from FNQ to central QLD for work, I’ve got a small indoor setup in my bedroom but I thought about throwing some Autos behind the shed giving that there is some room to work with. The only problem is sunlight is being blocked by the height of the shed for primarily all hours of the day, I want y’all’s opinions can I throw up reflective Mylar all over and setup a mirror to reflect the sunlight down into the gap ? All thoughts & Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.






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looks like the sun is hitting the fence reasonably low down  

by the time you put a plant in a , lets say 50 liter pot it should get sun sitting up against the fence  

for how long will depend on which way the sun travels across the sky 

plus as we move closer to summer the sun should be moving higher in the sky & on less of an angle 

as it is now , im not in QLD though , so not really sure about that 

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