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Seedsman freebies

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Posted with the previous comp or 3 ...I thought I would make it clear this is a new giveaway


Perhaps I need to give away some more seeds ?


Tell me what Seedsman strains you would like DC to stock and sell locally and I will give a 5 pack of these beauties to one of the entrants.




Peyote Zkittlez is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by pollinating Peyote WiFi with the sweet-tasting Zkittlez. Peyote WiFi is itself a cross of Peyote Purple and the US indica WiFi strain. Zkittlez is a 3-way cross of Grape Ape, Grapefruit and a third, top secret, strain.


Thats what Seedsmans website says anyway,,,,,,I can tell you from experience these are simply stunning plants and they smoke like a dream.



Winner drawn on Friday 13th August 


Good luck and post away !



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Yep I can endorse the candy cream from seedsman, I've grown it and bred with it


I loved the taste and smell , very easy to grow


Is a light green colour during veg , so don't be alarmed


Grown correctly a heavy hitter with a high CBD count as a bonus


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CBG Relief Auto... this one looks interesting. I'd love to see it stocked locally in future (currently out of stock).


It might not be popular with recreational users, but for complex pain, I'd really enjoy being able to trial a bit of CBG in my oil mix.


Hash Plant CBD... This is another one that interests me. I've had good results with 1:1 thc/cbd strains in the past. 

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