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Leaf Discolouration

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Hey JG,

In mainlining her you've just stressed the bejeezus out of her and that can be a contributor to the discolouration as she sucks the required nutes from those leaves.

The leaves are a bit like the plants reservoir, she stores nutes in the leaves then draws on them as needed. Normally, she'll do so from the larger lower leaves first and looking at those pics IMHO that's what she's doing.

Now, if that colour change was occurring to the new growth, right at the growing point, that WOULD be a concern. But considering her mainline stress, she's had a shock, keep an eye on her (as I'm sure you will) but she's doing OK.


Just for your reference here's a chart  that could assist in diagnosing deficiencies. 




Hope it helps


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Yep I agree with Merl to a certain extent


Why did you chop off all your growth , more leaves more photosynthesis


What you are trying to do well let's just say its a waste of time


Please tell me what you cut off you used for clones


The the part I don't agree with is the explanation of why


Without going into detail , the plants aren't using nutrients stored in those leaves , old wives tale , what they produce during the day is used of at night just to make it simple


Just because you have light for 18 hrs + doesn't mean the plant is in photosynthesis , it isn't


As soon as the leaves can't hold any more the process shuts down , so in fact they may only he active for 14hrs


Most nutrients will be in the stems , leaves are the factory, stems and roots the warehouse


The bigger the surface area collecting light the better


The reason your plant imo is showing brown rusts spots is high humidity low temperature , maybe insufficient air flow and or extraction


They don't look hungry to me


Bit of advice , leave it alone and let it grow


Sorry Merl , no offence


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