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Harvest question/help

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Hey guys just wondering if this plants ready for harvest or if not how long ud give it the plant is og kush auto from nirvana its 13 weeks old im abit worried also as it seems to be losing trichomes now ie heads falling off but from what I can see elsewhere on the plant doesn't look like any are milky either of course its only my second grow so I'd what to do help me please pics attached some were taken in light others were taken in dark with flash

Grow infoMedium: soil (living/organic soil grodirt lite from high-powered organics Light:240 watt led Nutes:herb superb organic superfood balanced from high powered organicsOther additives:terpinator&molassespost-67336-0-75527700-1619926329_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-92874300-1619926366_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-35922900-1619926418_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-16948800-1619926485_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-69235500-1619926522_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-92938400-1619926561_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-13184700-1619926605_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-57100500-1619926637_thumb.jpgpost-67336-0-02192800-1619926672_thumb.jpg

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You can harvest with cloudy trichomes but I personally wait till 15-20% of trichomes go Amber for most THC. cut in branches and dry at 20-25 degrees at 60% humidity for about a week. When smaller branches snap when breaking then it is ready for final trim and cure. Good luck, any other questions just let me know



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