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Drying question- how long too long ?

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I know there are already a heap of threads already on drying but my question is a bit specific.. have an outdoor grown plant and harvested on Thursday arvo, I couldn’t hold it off any longer as most of the hairs were starting to brown.

Anyway I have hung it the shed it has some ventilation and the temp and humidity seem ok. The issue is that I didn’t plan it to well I’m heading interstate next Saturday for a week, and wondering if it would be ok to leave the plant drying until I get back? If not what can I do as I don’t want to start curing process as wont be able to vent/burb daily ....

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New growers often think the hard work is over when they cultivate and harvest their precious marijuana plants. Not quite! Unfortunately, you need to wait a little longer to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have to trim, dry, and cure your harvest before it is ready for use.

The trimming and drying aspects of cannabis preparation are essential. However, not everyone proceeds with the curing process, primarily because it isn’t 100% crucial. Also, it means waiting even longer to sample the crop. Expert growers recommend going through the full curing cycle, though. The process increases potency and boosts the flavor and quality of your smoke. It also enables you to store your weed for longer.

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yes that be true MJ

but if you've stuffed up the drying process curing ain't going to help you much 


in your drying space

not having control over temps & humidity , blowing a fan at hanging buds or even worse blowing a heated fan at buds

lots of light whether it be the sun through windows or grow lights left on 

all these things will degrade trichome heads , any curing after that won't polish a turd so to speak 


it will still get you high most likely but the smoke won't be anywhere near as enjoyable as it could have been 


cannabis is much like grapes , to finish with a quality product all stages of producing that product must be on point 


can you have a smokable product without being on point = of cause you can but when you present a consumer with 

a product that's grown , harvested , dried & cured correctly Vs a product that's not , i know which one that consumer 

will pick every single time 

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