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Experience with medical suppliers



Hey everyone I recently was approved for thc/cbd oil through cannvalate but have found the price to be....unaffordable to put it nicely and am currently waiting for phone calls from medcan to see if they are any better. Has anyone here had any experience with medcan and if so how would you rate the product quality, price and customer service?



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Hey Thisart,

Presently, under this government, ALL canna scripts are comparatively VERY expensive (when compared to 'Johnno' from down the pub) as it's not under the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS).

You can shop around differing pharmacies to find the best/better price. For example locally I can fill the script at twice the cost that I can get it interstate. My closest chemist won't even consider stocking it as they tell me they actually have to have specific canna certification to stock it, which I found a little odd. They can stock S8 opiates, no problem, but seemingly canna is SO dangerous it needs it's own certification. WTF??? Just bureaucratic bullshit if you ask me.


I received a message the other day from a fellow medi canna patient. They're getting their script filled and obtain twice as much as I for much less than I pay and next script I get I'll be trying them out, but it really can be a case of shopping around to find yourself the best deal. Like I say I'm getting mine from interstate BUT I have to pay freight/postage in addition to the script price. Even then it's still cheaper than anywhere local to me.


Hope it helps


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Thanks a lot merl1n I’m hoping medcan will get back to me after Easter. Cannvalates products are too expensive and just do not last long enough so hopefully medcan will be able to help. I’ll be sure to ask them about grabbing it interstate as well if that works out to be cheaper for me



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