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Anyone know this breeders logo?

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I was given some unknown "old" beans, told they could be 20yrs + Just popped some in water to see if I can germinate. I don't like my odd if they are that old. This is the bag they came in and wondering if anyone recognises the logo? (that is if they were originally in this bag) Does anyone know how long they beans stay viable??


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Cheers. Serrated.

A shame as one lot of beans have germinated since posting this. (doubt they are 20yr old) I was told it was a strain called Byron Bay, but no one has ever heard of it and a web search yielded nothing.

Home grown I would presume.

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I believe this is called bag seed, a very famous strain top knotch branding as you can see from the bag. I am sure the person who supplied them also had money tree seeds.


Seeds if kept for a long time need to be refrigerated.


But all jokes aside take some photos of the seeds up close, depending on size and colour can sometimes indicate age or quality and even sativa dominance squiggly lines.

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Where do you research this rubbish


Dry cool place is all you need to store seeds


The only thing you can tell from a seed is whether it's got a chance to pop or not , sex strain or type cannot be determined simply looking at seed


Lots of seeds have the Tiger stripes or squiggly lines as you put it , doesn't mean shit






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They look pretty old, and I think they are spent. Very shiny/glossy and have a black patch, on one side, possibly how they were stored. 


the ones I popped in water have kind of popped then grew a white slime at the opening so I threw them.  







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