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Auto Nutrient Feeder


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I am after a little help finding a fully automated nutrient feeder



what I am looking to buy or design is somethign that will automaticly add my nutrients at a certain time provied I have already set how much for it to feed , I was thinking about designing something like they use in bars for shots with an adjustable limeter and timer that releases the " dose" of nutes at a cettain time


if anyone knows where I can get some, or have any tips or sugestions I would greatly appreciate it

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hey pure,

rdaquaponics have a automated nutrient feeder (saw it three-four years ago) :D and was used with the constant test ppm... only problem was if the temp fluxuated heaps it kept adding nutes. Theres a few newer ones available but all are expense..


If your going to make a homemade version of it, id go for a 200ltr control tank(bunnings) then use a float valve to refill a smaller 60ltr tank and then add a set ammount of nutes.. The next time the small res needs to be filled you could run plain water.. This could cover your watering for a week or so aswell :scratchin If ya want a few pics of this, ill see if i can chase some up :D

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Here's a link to what you are looking for.




I've seen others like the TANK COMMANDER that does the same thing but this one compensates for temperature fluctuations.


I do what Stonedas suggested and went for a two week holiday, when I returned the plants were doing fine.


I dont have much faith in super expensive gadgets that can stuff up.

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Thanx allot guys I think I'm gonna go with that idea of a larger bucket and a cotroll running off a float valve because you hit the nose as to why I need it :D

I buy no means need sopmethign that costs a few grand to messure out my nutrients I ajust find it a pain not beign able to go anywhere for longer than a week

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Yeah, you'd have to spend at least a few hundred $ to have an auto doser. They're cool, but really are a bit of an outlay unless you've got serious numbers of plants to deal with.


There's nothing better IMO for maintaining the water levels in your reserviour than a good feeder tank set up to a float valve. I use the same thing over and over, recirculating or DWC, it makes all the difference to consistency of growth.


Course, there's little point in one for RTW, but that's another discussion.

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