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Local medicinal cannabis producers

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Big business are the ones that will be against home growers ,,,,and seed vendors such as yourself..


with only 4% of what they say are 600,00 people self medicating it’s only common sense they want a bigger piece of the pie ..


I think it would be a natural for big business to lobby for crackdowns on home growers and local producers or anybody producing weed that

aren’t sanctioned by the government.

but I suppose they lost out in Canberra,,,and maybe the other states will follow.


Just depends who gets shafted the most ,,,,,,,,big business or the self medicating home growers.And of course rec growers.


from your link,

And while medicinal cannabis is used by an estimated 600,000 Australians (only about 4 per cent of whom have a prescription for it) Crock adds that the plant was a schedule nine substance until recently.

(He does not argue for recreational use, which “confuses the message” of its potential medical value.)

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If the bill for NSW passes the rest of the states will follow, canberra was an experiment as usual.


Unfortunately we have the same government regardless of elections, name tags change same shit.


If the NSW bill passes I'll be shocked... Would be nice to have rustic cafes like canada might actually bring tourism... Most tourists leave here disappointed never to return walking away like they just visited a east berlin version of Canada where fun is made illegal and heroin injecting rooms on every corner.

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