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Stretched between flowers

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Hello Folks.


Has a couple of successful grows using anonymous seeds, grown in Cannagrow soil and nutrients. With the only difference being I’ve added a 2nd Viparspectra 300 W lamp.


The plant started well, super healthy, large leaves, good growth etc. But not long after switching to 12/12hr and flower nutes, the plant stretched like crazy, and started flowering. Which sounds normal and good, and it has continued to grow, but with very sparse flowers. As in the buds just aren’t growing any weight.


Thinking it could be temperature and humidity, but just guessing. Any hints appreciated.


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Stretch like that would be either a genetic trait or a response to environmental factors, could be that there isn’t enough light in the space and it’s stretching for the light.


It looks to be more of a narrow leaf sativa type of plant so that’s what I’m referring to when I say genetics as there are a lot of equatorial sativas that grow just like that in order to avoid mildew forming on larger flower clusters.


A tip for growing sativas indoors is to start them on 12/12 as they stretch so much in flower that you can basically bypass the veg phase and still get a nice yield without having vines in your tent.



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Yep solid advice not



All the bending etc should have been done in veg , doing it now will slow it down


Thats not how a plant looks even in early flower


As the OP has already stated the stretch should have slowed down, the growth will gradually decrease as the plant matures , stretch just doesn't stop


Bud sites should be appearing all over the plant by now , they clearly are not there


You have a problem, its not getting a full 12hrs total darkness


I've seen this particular problem here many times , I've also revegged lots of plants so I know exactly what it looks like


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