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Cfl 130w with two 20 w LEDs, I’ve done my best. How much can we estima

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Hey guys, done the best I can with the lights I got in my 1m x 1 m x 2m tent grow kit... one cola, which I assume has fan burn, as per the photos, cannot get any further away from the fan, as it would leave the other colas the same treatment of cold air.. is this the best I can do? Just leave it now it’s in week 4 of flower?? Other than moving the fan every day( it’s oscillating) anyway I can’t think of any other solution...


for my first indoor grow, I’ve been using mills nutrients with a lil cal mag and a lil mollasass as it went into flower... 31 days of 12/12 lighting as per photos.. Veg from seed under the grow conditions took 84 days before I switched to flower.. will be looking to get either an HPS throughout entire grow or quality LED for my next grow, as I’ve taken clones on this one.. any suggestions on a light that will suit my dimensions for a great yield second grow? Also of course, any estimates on yield based on above info, cheers fellow ents!!




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