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how to fix potassium deficiency or nutrient burn

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Hey guys,


So it’s my first grow about and about 2 weeks ago I gave my plant which is outdoor and I’m pretty sure it’s a clone of white widow, blood and bone for the first time, before that I had just been watering her frequently and haven’t used anything else or gave it anything else, but since using blood and bone I’ve noticed some of my leaves starting to turn brown, curling and it being really dry on the tips of the leaves,


I’ve attached some photos,

Can someone help me with what they think is going on and how I can fix this and what is the best thing I can do as I’m really unsure I’ve never done this before and I don’t want it to fuck my plant if I haven’t already :( bf0d15e790f086239a71d9ce4ddb7372.jpg








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