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Deficiency or Pests?

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Hi all.
I hope you had a great Christmas and looking forward to a better new year!

I changed my fertiliser awhile ago from Ozi Magic, to Growtek. Now I'm not bagging any product only my own growing practices. Why did I change? hey, who knows but I felt like I needed more humph in the grows. They were a little slow and I know they could do better. 

Anyway a lot of my plants leaves started to yellow and fall - lower and fan leaves first, became very soft and limp. 
My watering practice had not changed and ph always tested between 6.3 - 6.6 there about. 

Anyway I went to the hydro store and they suggested this product.  I have used it once and I found it helped, well the other plants responded well and have greened up and looking a lot healthier. 


Sadly my favourite plant - Harlequin, has not done to well at all. She is still lime green, yellowing leaves and some dark brown black spots on her. I really do not want to lose her as she is my fav and very last seed. (I have taken some clones but they are not going well either. only one out of 10 have taken strike - I think) She is high cbd and helps me a lot. 

I gave her another hit with the "Grow" solution and I hope it helps.  Can any of you pro growers offer advice please? 
I'm thinking Nitrogen deficiency??  I did think over watering but they are more than likely underwatered.  




As you can see next to the other girls she is still really lime green!  


PS: I did get some bubba kush clones from a friend and ended up they had bugs, green caterpillar. I hand picked them off and kept them separate in the clone room so I doubt it could be that.  


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