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Unusual Idea..Advice

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I suffer bad anxiety. Tried oil...nothing.

Last year tried legal CBD back home in Italy..no valium.very good for me.


I want to grow but problem is house mates said no.


Could I grow in a metal cabinet 1.2m x900cm ?

With lights and some kind of ventilation.

Is this no good idea because maybe be too hot cause I have to grow outside where house mates say can't see any plants.

Thanks if you give me advice.


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"Could I grow...?" Yes,


If you are house sharing and your housemate says 'No', then the answer is 'No'

If you grow in a metal cabinet you have to supply everything air, light and nutrient and this will increase the household power bill.

You could 'try' to be all 'Secret Squirrel' about it all and not tell anyone. But when she turns to flower the smell of the buds can be a dead giveaway.


You could grow outdoors


You'll need to grow the plant, get your stem structure before the daylight hours turn 12/12 when the plants flowering cycle is triggered.


Hope it helps


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Thank you for your answer. I wish to be back in Italy because there nobody carries about what you do

Yes you right I need to but in carbon filter fan and light.


Maybe I can do in greenhouse and this maybe control smell a but I also plant basil near I think.

.please see my photo because this after 6 weeks but does not look very good. I grow with 200w light my room.


Can please be fixed you think.0f59f9cd59701bc84a29bfbe7203a4cc.jpg


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WHOO, that looks really unwell

In my opinion, the soil is way too wet for a starter and as for the soil, that don't look good either, looks more like driveway gravel than a nice potting mix.

Can it be saved??? Possibly, maybe, but some major intervention would be needed and in doing such an intervention she may die anyway.



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Hi [emoji1]


I’d like to suggest not an unharmonising or metal planter or greenhouse.


When growing medicine the more organic the better.


I suggest going as green as you can from organic soil and fabric pots to watering with Natural Spring Water and using only organic nutrients.


Similarly to growing organic.


To grow using building materials that are harmonious with the earth. Like wood.


And the structure or shape is important as well... I suggest building a Wooden Pyramid Shaped Greenhouse (disguised as your ‘Chill Zone’ or where you can also grow Vegetables and plants like Lavender to attract bees and ward away little bugs from your plants.


I hope you understand the importance of organic medicine growing.


There’s more and more to experience.. I trust you will have lots of fun!




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