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First ever grow, need help trimming

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Hey everyone


This is my first ever grow, I’m absolutely ripped right now so I hope this makes some sort of sense haha


My plants growing outdoors, as I mentioned it’s my first grow so I’m still learning, I’ve never trimmed a plant and need help!


These are photos of my plant taken 2 days ago..992149c1c6932477eb61bd5859c18d32.jpg



Should I start trimming now? If so where abouts should I start, how much should I trim, any helpful tips would be awesome!


Thanks guysc6bb6d3d3801bd7034943b9fe6fa8f8d.jpg






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Hi Shez, your plant is just starting to flower and form buds and a long way off before trimming which usually happens at harvest time - you'll be looking at another 4 or 5 months before she is ready to trim.

Some people defoliate during the grow but I usually just pluck off manky or dead leaves.

I notice you have some whitefly damage on your leaves and might want to keep on top of pest control - I use neem oil with some success to keep them controlled.

All the best with your grow :)

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i think shez means defoliateing sugar not trimming 


yeah you have whitefly probs , possibly spider mite as well but hard to tell from pics 


i think your plant is re-vegging meaning it started flowering earlier than it should & is now trying to 

revert back to growing & stop flowering


in Melb i would expect to see flowering start around the end of Jan to early Feb 


revegging can happen cos you started seeds under lights that are on for more hours 

than daylight hours outdoors , the jump from , lets say 18hrs under lights indoor to

14:30-15:00hrs outdoor can trigger the plant to flower until it reacts to the days getting longer

outdoors which the longest day is tomorrow 22/12 , after that days start to shorten

which is the trigger for the plant to start flowering 


which state are you in ? 

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sugar i'm only guessing re shez meaning defol when saying trim 


as far as defol go's i'd say , if i'm right & it's re-vegging , i'd do nothing to disturb it from re-veg

i think outdoors leaves are prob better on than off , in saying that some re-veg plants can get very branchy 

sometimes lots of branches = lots of leaves . don't commit to something to early , wait & see as the season 

moves along i reckon 


i used to remove leaves quite a bit a few years ago mostly round the center of the plant , driven i think by growing indoor with fixed light position 

these days not so much defol growing outdoor , not saying i wouldn't given the right set of circumstances = type of plant & environment 

tools are something you keep in ya tool belt & when something comes up , you have it , along with many others at your disposal :)

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