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Mildews and moulds.......look out

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It’s about that time of year up here in SeQld that Mildews and moulds attach themselves to our plants  for the outdoor growers. Mostly going unnoticed until halfway through flower........sigh. 

Keep a close eye, starting some sort of pest management programme if you haven’t already may see our plants starting flower pest free......touch wood.


Trying to keep them healthy. 

Let us know what you guys/girls are using .......if anything.

Hoping for a good year for us all.

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Bought some pure Neem oil online

Gotta add small amount of dishwash stuff so the slimey mucous can dissolve in water


Seems 2 work pretty good 4 molds and the like, also good 4 local whitefly pop


Worked up to 5ml a litre with no probs. 3 times a week and make sure u get under side of leaves


Still in veg, not sure if u should use in flower


P.S does not work on bloody grasshoppers......[need something nuclear 4 that]

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Bought some pure Neem oil online

Gotta add small amount of dishwash stuff so the slimey mucous can dissolve in water


Seems 2 work pretty good 4 molds and the like, also good 4 local whitefly pop


Worked up to 5ml a litre with no probs. 3 times a week and make sure u get under side of leaves


Still in veg, not sure if u should use in flower


P.S does not work on bloody grasshoppers......[need something nuclear 4 that]


Good stuff for sure.

I brought some of this  a while back. Enviro neem. Dr.Bronners satisfies my hippie side. lol. The neem oil solidifies in the container when ambient temperatures drop too low. Absolutely stinks after a foliar in the garden. Sits in the cupboard nowadays due to that. I have moved on to OCP’s Neem oil. Nearly 4 x the concentration if you check out the azadirachtin content in each product. 3510ppm for the Enviro Neem and close to 12000 ppm for the OCP product. Doesn’t smell half as bad to me either.....yay.




AzaMax made by the same company OCP is identical to Eco Neem other than packaging at almost half the price at times.......Depending where you source.https://shop.ocp.com.au/product/azamax/


Root drenchs  a couple of weeks apart in veg starting a month before flower is my m.o. along with a weekly foliar from just after seedling stage. I sort of back off with the neem once flowering starts. The plants do seem to enjoy both the foliar and the drenches.   :)


Effing white flies. Vectors for mites and pathogens. I search those crunts out. Not welcome here at all.


I don’t  mind the odd grasshopper to be honest. The plants seem to grow faster than they can eat........so I don’t bother too much. A biblical plague would change my mind pretty damn quick though.  End of season grasshoppers can get huge here. Almost the size of a small bird. I whack them with bamboo. Or squish them with pliers. lol lol.


Ive got the bugs sorted I think.....for the most part. It’s the septorias / mildews / fusariums  etc that I need to get a handle on. This stuff is everywhere in our residential gardens......which surround our canna gardens......sigh.




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Careful with that Econeem buddy

Leaves a shiny residue like oil on ure plants


Made the mistake a while back of spraying in early morning not knowing it was gonna be sunny as ferk that day

Ev plant that i sprayed got burnt 2 shithouse

Mostly top branches. Took about 2 weeks 2 recover

Probs mixed it 2 strong


I found that after squeezing hopper heads, if u leave the rest on ure leaves the other hoppers seem 2 realize that the human giant means business and take their chewing elsewhere

They do tend 2 forget though so i'll have 2 remind em

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Good tip there bob.


Understanding “modes of action”  along with when and when not to spray and how to actually use them is super important imo. Can be tough in summer to find days that don’t crisp up our plants. Many differing foliar sprays will burn if we get it wrong for sure. Temperature , humidity, ratios , or even adding spreader/stickers to products that already contain them all contribute. We all been there at some time or another.......sigh. lol.


Usually only takes a few hours for many products to become ‘rain fast”. Most of my foliars are done like this ( sort of showery overcast days ). My preference is super early mornings as the stomata, or the pores in the leaf are open and more accepting of my offerings. I don’t think I can get that type of plant response in the arvos. Too warm for stoma. I’d have to wait till later in the evening potentially leaving the plants wet over night. Not ideal where I grow.


Trying this as a preventative at the moment. http://www.aussie-ag.com.au/docs/aactechaus-phoz600.pdf  I can see a whole heap or rusts / moulds  kicking off in the yard. Will see soon enough if it’s any good. 


Would like around 3  fungicides with different moa. 

Neem, , Ausphoz.......need another......other than “green cure” or “eco fungicide”


Ill look into the tobacco industry I guess. See what they use. Chlorothalonil perhaps? Anyone?








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i might be wrong but isn't the neem extract azadirachtrin band for use on cannabis in the US but neem oil is not 

i think because of the high concentrations of the extract aza in products 


some warm water will help loosen the pure neem oil up but don't use real hot water 

as it will degrade the oil 


potassium silicate & aloe vera will both help to emulsify oils & are more beneficial to the plant 

than dish soap , soap nuts can also help emulsify oils & like aloe vera they contain saponins

which can be used as a pest spray on it's own , yucca is another you can extract saponins from


" Saponins possess clear insecticidal activities: they exert a strong and rapid-working action

against a broad range of pest insects that is different from neurotoxicity. The most observed

effects are increased mortality, lowered food intake, weight reduction, retardation in development

and decreased reproduction." 



i've been trying this , brought at Vasili's in melb , can't find it on his website 

haven't used it long enough to have any real opinion yet though 



Powerful Plant Growth promoter, boosts germination rate and increases crop yield.

Helps establish new plants quicker with stronger roots and shoots.

Prevents wilt, root and fruit rots in plants especially for tomato, potato, strawberry, lettuce, etc.

Probiotic action to prevent and to protect plant root system from soil borne disease, particularly fungi such as Fusarium spp., Phytophthora spp. and Sclerotia spp.

Reduces heat stress in plants.

Environmentally friendly and certified organic. 

How to Use:

Use 1 teaspoon for pots with diameter less than 15cm.

Use 2 teaspoon for pots with diameter more than 15cm.

Step 1: Sprinkle GroShield on evenly around the plant

Step 2: Water the soil throughout

For best results, repeat every 2 weeks once and use with Biomax Organic Fertilizer.

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Good morning Itchy


I couldn’t tell you what’s banned where in the US to be honest.
I imagine they would have to be pretty strict though. Probably due to the “Cash Croppers” not giving a rats arse for anythIng other than profit. Spraying all sorts with scant regard for consumer safety, pre harvest intervals etc etc. a couple of weeks out from harvest. 


I agree that the azamax is a lot more concentrated than the standard Neem oil and should be treated slightly differently than the standard stuff. Due diligence and research ftw.  Not sure if there is that much difference if using 5ml/Ltr of one or 2ml/Ltr of the other at the end of the day. I’m all for less product with better results on this one.......plus it doesn’t stink. Hahaha, :)



I enjoy researching adjuvants, surfactants etc etc. We all have our ways/techniques that work for us when mixing our concoctions. Makes things interesting. As long as manufacturers recommendations are followed regarding ph levels etc  how to apply and knowing when and when not to use them, should see us on the right track, I think it’s a win win for most learning the basics around foliar solution prep and application should the desire arise.


Saponins sound interesting. I’ll look into them. Cheers. :)

Generally my plants don’t get bothered too much by insect pests........touch wood..... so I’m not too sure if they will benefit that much from them?? 

The GroShield looks interesting. Plenty of pros listed if they are to be believed.  Listing of no active ingredients on the packaging or in the blurb is a little odd. It does say organic though. A little bit of blind faith required on that one Itchy. I’m calling snake oil lol. Let me know if it works though. Hahaha. My snake oil is the AusPhOz above. We will both find out in due course I guess. 

I use mycorrhizae and trichaderma which has similar benefits to your product ..........so I’m led to believe.



Below is some sort of leaf spot picked up in last seasons grow. Happens every year. I need to rotate locations but I have nowhere else I can grow with any security.  A tough one.

Seems to raise its head after a few days of wet and humid. Throw in some cool nights and the mildews start. I don’t really know if it’s already in my plants waiting for those conditions or if those conditions are the trigger point for this stuff to attach to my plants. Either way I would like to learn how to prevent/ eradicate/ control these types of fungal diseases / pathogens. At least better than I do now.


i agree that the science behind it all  can be super interesting for the most part.......as long as there is some. :)

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i know whoever is the governing body in the states that controls what & what can't be used on growing cannabis are quite full on 

i believe in the idea of out competing pests & pathogens with beneficial bactria & fungi , living soil & all that but in the US my produce 

would have to pass a microbial test as well as pesticide testing making it hard for guys like myself that think these organisms

are the way of the future , not just for crop protection & promotion but human health as well 

the prob is there are possibly millions of these organisms in soils in waters & in our bodies , most of which have not been identified

hence the " Ban All " approach in the US



sorry mate haven't found a descent website on groshield but your all ready on to it blu 


i should have put some more info up in my post 


groshield is just a beneficial fungi on a carrier , Trichoderma harzianum & Trichoderma viride 

you've already been able to find plenty to read on the benefits of Trichoderma by the look of things 


wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trichoderma_harzianum


Trichoderma harzianum is a fungus that is also used as a fungicide. It is used for foliar application, seed treatment and

soil treatment for suppression of various disease causing fungal pathogens. Commercial biotechnological products such

as 3Tac have been useful for treatment of BotrytisFusarium and Penicillium sp..[1] It is also used for manufacturing enzymes.


 Aloe Vera is a must i reckon , it's much like the benefits of using kelp & the 2 together is a powerhouse of plant health promotion 


my first thought of the pic was not fungal , it looked more like burn , the kind of burn you get from sun on leaves with oil residue on them 

i'm looking at your pic & your looking at the plant so i'd go with what you think , a possible solution for fungal attack is EM-1 Effective Microorganisms -1

you'd need to check this but i think fungus on leaves prefer a higher PH like 8-9ph to set up shop , EM-1 has a very low PH at around 3.5ph

fungal spores will not live in suck a low PH stopping them from setting up mouldy business , if you have an idea what time in the season this stuff turns up

you could start spraying EM as a preemptive , i use it all the time for more than foliar sprays & soil drenches 

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