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My plan to avoid mold, thoughts?

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Hey all, 


Recently purchased my first q since I stopped a decade ago. Felt a bit moist/spongy but I put it down to not remembering how a bud feels. Chopped up a gram and put the rest in a jar in a cool dark spot. Came back to it a week later only to be greeted with a jar full of mold. Wrote off that lot and am currently working on a system to prevent mold but looking for some feedback on if I'm going in the right direction. 


Being in Brisbane even my cold spots of the house are 30+ on a hot day so I've got myself one of these... https://www.jaycar.com.au/portable-4l-12v-cooler-warmer/p/GH1384 with the plan to use it as my cool dark spot. 

I'm also planning to add a thermostat to this "fridge" so it only turns on when the internal temp rises above 22c and then turns off when it hits 18c. 

Buds will be stored inside glass jars per strain with a Boveda 62% humidity regulator. 


Will this work to prevent mold or should I just vacuum seal any excess buds? 


I should probably note that a chopped gram lasts me a week or so as I don't use much but I'd prefer to purchase a H at a time to save money. 


Anyone in Brisbane got tips on how they successfully store their bud without mold becoming an issue? 


Thanks in advance! 


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Of course was 2 wet when u got it, that's how they make extra dollars


Check a small branch when u get it,if it snaps or doesn't just bend it should be dry enough


That;s when u start your cure. Put in2 glass jar and look up burping online


As micmac said u should never get mould if your weed is dry enough

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