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Light pollution

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First time outdoor grower giving a crack with one plant to start with. Have read that out door light could effect the cycles of the plant. I’ve got mine in the back yard, we have an outdoor light that we use when we take dogs out for a wizz. It doesn’t stay on long, unless kids leave it on, but it’s always off when we go to bed. Will this effect the plant?
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Hey dumbass,


wouldn’t worry about it too much until about the end of jan/ feb, depending where you are. most outdoor plants will start flowering about then. Up here in qld anyways.


lights can do odd things to flowering plants. I’d say piss the light off from feb (ish) until harvest in April (ish)

either that or put a screen up.

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Even constant light interruption during veg could have some effect on the biology of the plant I'd say when it's dark let it stay dark ! Light interruption resets the the plant from sleep to awake ! Do you like getting woken up during your sleep ? Dark period should remain dark it's just as important than the light period
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