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Legalise Cannabis Western Australia

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Hi Everyone

The Legalise Cannabis WA Party is up and running. It is the second of the states to come on board in what we hope to make nation wide Legalise Cannabis Parties.

We had wonderful success in the Qld State election last month gaining 5% of the vote in some electorates and between 3-4% in most of the 23 electorates where we stood candidates.

Not bad for a young party only registered one month before the election and at their first attempt!

We hope to replicate this success in WA and HEMP have kindly offered to let their WA members know about the new Party and encourage you to join.

It will not affect your membership to the HEMP Party as they are a federal and LCWA is a state based Party. hempembassy-640-240x225.jpg

We don’t have any delusions about winning govt .. but a seat or two on the cross bench of upper or lower house would be a great start.

The goal is mainly to raise awareness of the issue and use it as a legitimate platform to show just how many people want an end to the drug war and to prohibition in WA.

It would be nice to give the voters who support Cannabis the opportunity to vote for a Party who reflects their will in the privacy of the ballot box at state level.

We are wanting to stand candidates in both houses so if you are interested in being a candidate we need YOU.

Join our Facebook group to keep up to date with what’s happening and if you are able to nominate as a candidate we would love to hear from you.

Please help us to make our aim to become a registered party before the election a reality. Join the Party and share the membership form link with your like-minded friends in WA.

We are seeking 500 members who are registered to vote in WA before the end of December. Its a big ask but it can be done .. we were on a similar time frame when we started the Qld branch earlier this year.

Our website will be up in the near future but in the meantime, you can join the LCWA via this link;


Join our facebook group via this link;


We look forward to your support.

Gail Hester for LCWA Party

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