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Overwater or Nuteburn

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Why are you feeding Hydroponic nutrients when its in soil

Soil should only require water at least until flowering


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Thanks for the reply Micmac but I have used AN GMB on a previous grow and had reasonable success. They do say it can be used in soil quite fine.



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Hi reefer. Looks like you are missing cal mag. ? Do you use it?


Slightly over watered too.


It does look hungry too.


What water do you use?


What ph meter have you got?




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I am using pure rain tank water with a PH of about 6.6 I think. I have Yates Magnesium chelate but no calcium additive so to speak.



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i'll guess watering , because the realization of your over watering generally turns into under watering 

start off with 2 much then you possibly back off 2 much 


i reckon it's under watered & while the soil was dry you watered the plants with liquid nutrients

liquid feeding a water stressed plant could cause the yellowing/burning your seeing 


how do you determine when you water your plants now

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