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‘Bees Knees Genetics’ BUST

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Victorian Man Asks Mum To Take Blame For Alleged Cannabis Business
July 30, 2020August 3, 2020by Karie Cornell

In a bizarre arrest, Victoria Police have arrested a man running a cannabis seeds business from his mother’s house. 

Despite being otherwise unemployed, a 29-year-old father of three, was allegedly running a successful cannabis seeds business in his mothers Hurstbridge home. Last week, his mother’s home was raided, and he was charged with trafficking cannabis while on a community corrections order

After being taken into custody at Eltham Police station, he made a bizarre request. Instead of contacting his lawyer, he called his Mum and asked her to take responsibility for the cannabis.  

Unfortunately, his professional approach to his pot business betrayed him. When police raided his mothers home, they found business paraphernalia that identified him, including business cards, posters, packaging, a label printer and stickers.

Apparently, he was selling under the name ‘Bees Knees Genetics’ and was marketing himself through Instagram. 

Before being privated, his business account had nearly 3,400 followers and claimed to ship worldwide. However, Leading Senior Constable Andrew Wiliams told the Herald Sun that he was only selling seeds nationwide, with the exception of Western Australia, as his seeds were identified at the border. 

Police allege he also had a detailed client list, with tracking numbers marking packages he had posted and thousands of hemp seeds filed with names and dates in his Mum’s home. Police also seized 100grams of cannabis valued between $1,500 and $2,000. 

When the man appeared before Magistrate Jennifer Tregent, she was surprised he wasn’t charged with obtaining financial advantage by deception. As he was allegedly sourcing 1kg of seeds for $20.99, then selling six seeds for $50, plus $10 shipping. 

Although all seeds were identical, they were branded as either ‘Cream Berry Cake’ and ‘The Cake’. In court, the man defended himself by arguing that it wasn’t illegal to sell the seeds as a collector’s item. However, he had advertised ‘The Cake’ as:

An extremely rare hybrid strain that will loosen your tongue and your laughter.

After his July 22nd court appearance, he was granted bail with a nightly curfew. He is due back in Heidelberg Magistrates Court later this year and is currently facing a range of charges, including the cultivation of cannabis.

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This is fuken hilarious. I'm pretty sure this is the fuck knuckle who put his phone number on the forum.


I've taken a step back due to a few members fucking around and creating fiction stories of seedsman, roping others into a bs Australia warehouse which doesn't exist.


There was a time when people actually spoke nicely to each other on here, now it's riddled with cops trolling, downplaying importation, trickery, and the average moron not using encryption then wondering why a search warrant has been issued.


This place has turned into a mental asylum.


Word to the wise, if there's a detailed list of clients, every single one of them will be flagged, and if any domestic stores stocked this clowns seeds... #fucked.


When yantra got busted selling pot through the mail it looked like business as usual, I suspect not.


Suggestion if compromised, take steps immediately.

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Also for the drop kicks out there demanding tracking numbers... Australia post if it intercepts seeds locally they will follow up the sale of the express envelope which contained the item, fingerprints will be taken off the envelope. They WILL let the seeds through, but they will forward information to local authorities. Depending on the amount of points required for a warrant will you get raided. Expect a mail stop order and constant mail inspection with AUSTRAC scrutiny and a case built.


A plain white envelope, with a few postage stamps with snail mail works, print the address on a sticker, with a common generic printer, with two layers of gloves and into a clean sterile plastic bag.


The less information retained, and less trackable data the more secure.


And don't lick the stamp retard use a clean sterile sponge with bottled water as the water quality can give a unique identification of your suburb which then can raise suspicion. It's suggested a card, and vacuum sealed. The little pods are good. Wear a hairnet, safety goggles, dust mask, and double layers of gloves.


Until you look up the darknet markets on packaging and security, read the horror stories, keep convincing yourself this clearnet shit is safe.

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