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Rust spots and yellowing

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor 
Growing Medium: Soil
Growing Style: LST
Watering/Feeding Frequency: As needed, alternate one clean water, one advanced nutrients grow micro bloom 
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): As per feeding chart 
PH Levels: 7.0
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 16c - 24c 
Air Flow/Fans etc.: Intake and exhaust 
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): Viparspectra P1000 LED
Total Wattage: 
Growth Stage: Few weeks into flowering 
Plants Age: 
Cannabis Strain: Fruit Slap (Europa Seeds) Feminised 


Hey guys, 


I'm a few weeks into flowering and I am getting some rust coloured marks on leaf veins as well as some yellowing. Mostly older foliage. Up until now plant has been healthy. Some colouration of leaf tips too (purpling), associated with cold springtime temps at night.


My thoughts are it is a manganese deficiency cause my possible PH issues (being too high), but I'm not sure! Any help would be appreciated.









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Looks like low temps high humidity causing rusts spots

Improve air exchange and movement, raise temps at night


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Interesting diagnosis micmac. Have been having really high humidity lately and low temps. I'm running a seedling heat mat on 24 hrs. I might try and improve air movement in the tent (basically a microtent) as much as I can. I have also added damprid but I know it's not as helpful as a dehumidifier. 

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Addressing temps would be a easier option,heat mat ain't going to cut it im afraid

Its reaching dew point , so all the water in the air is becoming liquid

More air movement will help


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Thanks micmac. Do you think the heat pad would be doing more harm than good? I'll get the air movement ramped up. 

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