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need help please

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All Cannabis Plants will do better on Coco unless you have a really well Balanced Soil and have experience growing with it.

I recommend 24 hour lighting with Autos and no less than 18 hours. Upsetting the light schedule with an Auto will not cause it any issues

unless extreme.

In Summer i will run them on 18/6 once they start flowering because of the heat. In Winter I hit them hard with 24 hours light start to finish.


The only thing that an Auto can do that Photo's cant is flower on more than 12 hours of light....Any less than 18 hours and you are wasting

that fast flowering time an Auto will give you.


I recommend Nutrifield Coco A & B for newbies and Coco....Its all you need start to finish

This plant was grown in Coco with just Nutrifield and nothing else from start to finish. You dont need

and will not gain a single thing from a expensive Cocktail of Nutrients




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