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Is my plant is Re-veging

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I grew this single plant in a cupboard For about 4-5 mths with a crappy 40w led light It got very long and gangly so I moved it outside to get it to start flowering and get some good real sunlight, it’s Started looking like it was growing nice buds, they just won’t fatten up the plant has been out there Now for well over two months and now it looks like it’s going back into veg. I’ve ordered a viparspectra p600 600w led so my plan is to put it back in the cupboard and give it at least 12 hours darkness, Would this be about the best way to fix this now, will the plant go back Into flowering,



Thankyou so much for any help

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Thankyou Micmac for responding, much appreciated,

I would love to let it go outside but the situation is kind of risk’a also the plant only gets direct sunlight from around 8 am till 4 pm, all the rest of the hrs of light is a waste


Will the 600w viparspectra get it through to flower now, I was just going to just stick IT it under that light with 12/12 light dark to force it back into flower.


It was smelling nice & potent before when it was in flower Too

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Like mic said , I aswell would leave it outside so it can veg through spring/summer , early next year it could be a monster and get you enough Percy for the year... if you are going to put it indoors , you’ll need minimal PAR of 500 - 600 to flower so check the lights specs , i would hang your viper spectra light about 30cm from the top of it the plant (should be enough light) have it on 12/12 , give bloom nutes. In a few weeks it will start to flower again. Take off any bud that has grown either way because they will get old and die. Could get rot/mould. Good luck.



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