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Light Control Boards

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I'm looking for some info re light control boards.  I understand they need to be hardwired to your power but then most of them also have a  standard power plug coming off them that says its a Separate timer lead (for reset control).  But the control board has a built in timer, that's the whole idea I thought.  So what is the separate timer lead for and are you required to use it?



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Fancy bit of kit. Depending on the size of your grow, I would wonder why. If you were running a ten light system it may make sense, keep things a bit tidier. But for a home setup??

One of the issues I have with 'All-in-1' setups such as that is if one component dies the whole thing dies.

But if you use seperate boards with seperate timers and a component dies you only need to replace the dead component


To answer your question on the separate timer lead though, I'd need to see a circuit diagram.

The 10 amp has a normal household plug

The 16 amp has a 16amp plug that has a larger earth lug

Anything larger than 16amp would need to be hard wired by a qualified sparky.


Hope it helps


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Hi mate,

Thanks for the reply.  The one I was looking at was a 8 socket with 2 extra live sockets at 50amps so it definitely needs to be hardwired.  I need to get a new circuit put in and thought it may have been a cheaper alternative to a sub panel in the room as each socket has its own breaker built into this product.  Theres just not much info online about them except for a couple of USA brands that  are  a bit different.  The only thing I think it may be for is a separate reset switch so that if the power goes out the lights don't come on as soon as the power comes back and puts your timer all out of wack.  There are other products that dont have a timer soo you plug that lead into a timer and then  that lead energises a relay to turn the lights on.  I just don't get it seeing as this product is designed too avoid using a normal timer that couldn't handle al the amps.


You seem like you know  a bit about alectrical stuff so I have anoother question if u have time.  The same brand has another LCB that is 6 sockets and takes 2 10 amp leads t power, so no hard wiring required.  What I don't understand tho is that  they advertise this product as being capable of 40amps and  supporting 6 x 600w (approx 22amps) hid?  How is that  possible to get 40amps power out of 2 x 10amps?


edit - finally dooes $1500-2000 seem reasonable to add a circuit to the house and run it to a shed.  Add a sub panel with 2 circuits and wire the shed?


Thanks again.

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The key word there is "...capable of 40amps..." if your feed in (hardwire)  has 40 amp breaker. That box will handle it. But like you say ya can't poke in 20 (2x10)and expect 40 out :wacko: 

It's a bit like running a 15 amp line to your grow but running it from a 10amp breaker on the control panel. The line in may be 15 but if the breaker is only 10 ya can't pull more than 10 or it'll pop.


If it's done properly/professionally, I would say that's not too bad for cost. Are you having an earth safety/RCD switch put in too? I'd strongly recommend it. If there's an electrical fault, it'll pop and isolate. Most newer homes have them for the entire property, but if you are getting a whole new circuit put in just for the grow, by having one just for that particular circuit, it can be isolated by itself. Safety first eh? You've got electrics, you've got heat and you've got water all in a small compact space. There's a recipe for disaster if ya ain't careful.



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 "ya can't poke in 20 (2x10)and expect 40 out :wacko:".  Yeah that's what my very limited electrical knowledge told me.  

The electrician  quoted  me -

-supply and install 40amp supply to shed

- install small sub board in shed

- install 2x power circuits in shed for miners

-supply and install 1x ceiling light

- install power circuit to isolator only for air con


for closer to $1500 than 2k.  II don't know if that includes a safety switch  but I will definitely  ask about it now.


Cheers for all  the help mate :)


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