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Has anyone heard about these lights? I'm skeptical.

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Yea I’ve seen all these types. IMO it’s like most other material things in life. If there’s a demand, there’s going to be knock offs. It looks like they copied the spider farmers boards. In saying that , It might be like they say. Samsung diodes , MW driver , 240w from the wall. Great PAR. Just put together cheaper than the real ones. On the flip side it could break straight away , or not work at all , or all their specs could be bullshit. I’ve seen similar ones reviewed online and when one guy received it , it worked ok , had ok PAR , but wasn’t a MW driver or Samsung diodes like advertised he said...so I think people are better off just sticking to the real name brand ones that have been tried and tested. Unless you’ve got spare $ and or time. If your looking for a new light I hope it all works out and you get what you want , good luck.



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I've used the "real" nd "fake", both function the same, the "fake" 1 maybe better? as it has an external dimmer + UV + IR diodes. i suppose the new "real" panels have caught up nd added lm301h + external dimmer, but then they slapped another 20% on the price. nvr had a prob with the "fake" panels, no doa, legit meanwell drivers, cheaper but only 1 year warranty. buy from a reputable seller on fleabay.post-65778-160172664665_thumb.jpeg
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