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Viparspectra led for 1.5 x 1.5 tent


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I’ve been doing a bit of research of late on LEDs , and for a tent your size you can’t go wrong with a mars TSW 2000 , there going for about 420 on eBay. Ied personally get 2 x Mars TS 1000. That’s just me on a modest budget. As for the vipaspectra , I did look into them and came up with the opinion that they would not perform aswell for the flower period. The reviews were inconsistent to say the least. I decided to stay away from them for now. They might make upgrades in years to come like mars did. Spider farmer make affordable LEDs that do well also. This is all what I’ve read and researched I’ve not yet grown with either yet so take the advice with caution. I hope you find what you want and need and have successful grows. Good luck mate.



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I have used all the vipaspectra's and they are pretty good for what they are.  However, i am not sure if you are talking about the new quantum board P1000 lights from Viparspectra.  I have these and can assure you they are not enough for 1.5 x 1.5m . I use them for raising small plants


If you are talking about the traditional VA1000 LED then yes, two of those would do a decent job i have used 1 x 1300w with decent results in 1.2 x 1.2 so two x 1000 would work.  Problem is you will still be pulling around 1000w at the wall and making a lot of heat and a lot of fan noise with these led.  In this case i would rather us a HPS


If you are not on a tight budget you are far better off with a quantum board type light. I am now using SpiderFarmer 4000's and they are blowing everything away including HPS.  I am using Vipaspectra and Bloom Pluss quantum boards for raising the little ones. All available on Ebay...  There is far less heat from quantums and no noise,  you could use 1x SF4000 in your space, get more harvest and use much less power from the wall..  Stretch the budget if you can. Will be worth it.

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Thanks for the advice guys.

Ok So fter some research and learning abit more about leds, I have gone and got 2 x spider farmer sf2000.

I am concerned if this is enough light for the 1.5 x 1.5 area, being only 400w in total, im thinking 3 would be the way but can't afford a 3rd at the moment.

Do you guys think they will be okay? I will probaly Only fill my screen to about 1.2 x 1.2 just because that seems to be the coverage area of the 2 combined.

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I did mh/hps back in the day when i grew last but the cost of power and replacing globes every couple grows adds up on cost, plus coming into summer when it's 40° the heat becomes quite a issue without an ac in the tent.

Wich are the main reasons I want to give leds a try, heat shouldn't be to much of a issue this time as the tent is in a room with ducted ac it is evaporative tho so don't know how the humidity is going to be.

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