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Raising seed in final medium vs seed raising mix.

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Is there any need to use seed raising mix? I have cannaterra as my final medium and have cheap so called "premium" raising mix from Bunnies. I feel like I'm better off going straight into a small cannaterra pot once the taproot shows vs seed raising mix? What are your professional opinions? I'm very new first time. Thanks


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I personally think either one will do fine. One is not better than the other IMO , it’s more personal preference. Try plant 2 seeds in the different mediums and see what one you like better. Doing things like that is the best way to educate yourself and see what best works for you going into the future. Still there’s nothing wrong with asking and getting different point of view. Good luck with it all.



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Yep. Ive always gone straight in coco/perlite.. seed raising mix is unnecessary for cannabis..

Soak the bean in ph6 water in a dark warm spot until you see a tap root.. put it tap root down in a 5mm hole in your moist medium . Cover lightly. Put under a small fluorescent .


Happy growing.


Vape. [emoji4]


P.s if your humidity is low put a plastic dome on the pot. ..mist the surface of the medium first.




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You can do your experiment, and plant both. As a result, you will understand how best.

You can do your experiment and plant both. As a result, you will understand how to do it better.

I plant ordinary seeds without any mixtures. I buy seeds already ready for sowing Seedsman. By the way, now there is a promo code for their products. You can find it on sfweekly.com and apply.

This way, I grow great plants. Of course, I create favorable conditions for the growth of marijuana. For a comfortable growth of marijuana, you need a greenhouse, an air humidifier, ultraviolet lighting, fertilizers, and much more. If you want to grow marijuana at home, then you should take all this into account.


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