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Clones outdoor

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Out doors need to have day light hours greater than 12/12 but more like 14-16 hours to keep them in veg.


My clones for outdoors are currently under fluro on around 14hrs until sun light gets longer down this way.



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You could possibly get a touch more sophisticated than this, but here's my solution - only needs a few hours each night ....


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clones can be a pain to get out early season especially if you have a lot of shade if you harden them off without killing them and get them out into all day sun you can get them to stay in veg if your lucky....


if your only just now taking cuts then root them under 13.5 hrs if you use a digital timer with one minute increments you can lengthen the light cycle by one minute every day for 30 days this will get you to 14 hrs of light...then put them out around mid october...this way they are already reacting to increase in available light....I do this with seeds that I start early September... by the time they go outside I've topped twice and they are perfect little girls ready to grow big!...works for me everytime.

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