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Nutrient burn or potassium deficiency

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Hey guys it’s me again but with another problem.. started to appear some green around the leaves and burning as well with my studies it could be nutrient burn or potassium deficiency and honestly I ph before every watering so I think potassium is less probably to be.

Now I’m wondering because I’ve never went 4/4 strength my limit was 3/4 using the canna line and Ec always less than 1.2. Maybe could be because in the begin I was watering but not getting run of and start to build salt ? But the outflow Ec is always 200+ points maximum.


It started showing in the lower leaves and today went to the upper leaves any suggestions of what is it and what I can do to stop it, it’s so sad to see she dying!



Temps 19-29c

Humidity: 40-70%

Canna nutrients following normal feeding

Started add cal meg in the last 2 feedings but no success

Vegetative stage yet

Ph 5.8-6.2

Lights 350w ledpost-67057-0-31320400-1597723353_thumb.jpegpost-67057-0-34800100-1597723434_thumb.jpeg

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It’s a 30/70% coco bought from the store.. it was growing fine until last week when it started. In the first two weeks I was only feeding but not getting any run off but past 2 weeks I started to get run off and etc was fine..

Now I gave a good flush yesterday with only water and when I checked today the leaves are still getting burnt (the ones that were burning already) my question is it should be like that or even the leaves that was already yellow should stop ? Maybe could be the rhinotonic but I’ve never gave more than 3/4 also..


My last thinking is that it could be light burn as when it was growing I’ve never moved the lights higher but why would burn they lower leaves first that is what I don’t get it


I’m still so lost if the leaves will keep dying Is fine as long the new ones grow normally



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Hey vitor,


They big enough with small enough pot to start feeding every day,.......or every other day if you not already. Up to you.

id up the nutrients to 1.5ml per litre and ditch the calmag also. 


Once you get fresh nutes flowing each/other day I reckon your problems will stop. I’d be trying to get a litre (or there abouts) of run off each time. 
Over the course of a week or so the e.c of the media will drop.


Make sure your Ph pen is calibrated correctly.


Good luck.

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I think Try Blu might be on to it here.


By the time my plants are that size I'm watering to run off about 3 to 4 times a day.


My first grow I thought I was burning my plants but it was actually a deficiency. I flushed and dropped EC and they got worse. Second grow I watered more often at a higher EC and they loved it.


I don't have much experience and I could be off the mark. But if that were my plant I'd run the recommended dose on the bottle and water a minimum of 3 times a day hitting 10 percent run off everytime.


Genetics play a huge part in how much EC a plant can handle too. What strain by what breeder is it mate?


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Picture in latest thumbnail looks like its in flower. If that's the case stop the calmag and start the flowering nutes. I'm not familiar with canna nutes so wont advise on how much to use. Try Ph-ing around 6.0. I find its good to feed so I get about 300-400ml run off out of a 3.5-4.0 litre feed. Its probably a good idea to first flush with PHed plain water or Crystal Clear so your starting with a clean slate. I grow in 15L pots on top of wire pot risers that I sit in basins I buy from Bunnings. That way I can feed them and go back 30 min later and drain excess out of the basin. Mine are in their 10th week of flower and I water every 2nd day at 3 to 4 litres. Coco is pretty forgiving so I like to let dry out to about 35% before watering again.

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1ml per liter of Canna A&B is not enough Calcium.


1.5 ml per liter of Calmag is way way too much


Use 1.5ml to 2ml per liter of Canna A&B and drop the CalMag altogether.

You dont need to use Calmag in buffered Coco with water at 0.25 EC.


I'd mix up 1.5 ml per liter of A & B and ph it to 5.8 and flush them heavily


Do you see anywhere on the Nutrient instructions to use at levels as low as 1ml per liter...No you don't.

There is a good reason for that.


I dont use Canna anymore because it's too expensive...But I have used it more than a decade and every time you go below 1.5ml per liter you will get problems.

I see it all to frequent.....Punters using bugger all main nutrient and feed all these Bullshit additives and just making it much much worse

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