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Going gorilla

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general rule, any plot over 30 plants is easily spotted... so 25 or less in any given spot.

i forget the exact name but there is different brands, you can get sticks that hold moisture... plant them 6 in under your seedlings.

There is much more to it.. wildlife etc..


i found this trying to look up the brand of water sticks on google. 


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Giday Grave here's what I think.


The spot is the most important part in my opinion. Know ur grow area like the back of your hand and also the cops habbits in that area. Also try to work out who comes in and out of that area on a regular basis and figure out their habbits and what they do in the area. But don't be a creep just be friendly because ur not doing anything wrong just secretly growing a little med patch.


Don't post any photos on here till after harvest I reckon cos I think the pigs like to check photos. Photos also have an electronic Id attached to them which pin points a location of where the photo was taken within a 50m area using cellular networks and locations tracking which gives a lattitude and longitude location for that photo. In the U.S cops can obtain this data without public knowledge you have been warned.


What else I mean chose a area that's hard to get to and ditch land. Also think long term and spread things out into small patches. So generally myself cus of where I live in a city like most kind folk on here. I have to do things urban style. This means that we have to get creative to hide plants in plain sight. So possibly you could bury a "box" in the ground or sling a bucket in a tree. It is doable anywhere just got to be smart [emoji6].


Another thing to think about is how often you want to visit your site and what else. In an urban grow you will want to visit as little as possible so aim for self sufficency with as little human intervention as possible. So think about auto watering systems drainage and excess water collection for reuse if possible. Be recourceful and keep costs low as it won't hurt the pocket so much if things turn to shit.


I wouldn't reccomend gorrilla growing to a big fella or and old Falla yu need to be young and fit for this as it is hard work.


Hope this all works out.



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choose your location first. I think the amazon is best for this.

start out small and work your way up. Small monkeys are easy to feed and look after than big gorilla will be.

when you are more experienced you can scale up with chimps

stock up on bananas and whatever other shit hey eat.

be prepared to be outsmarted sometimes when the gorilla becomes too big and wants to make you his bitch

you're welcome

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I like your thinking Erin.... small monkeys to make into helper monkeys to help you carry stuff to feed your gorilla. Sew up the helper monkeys mouths so they can’t tell anyone where you keep your gorilla, you will need a constant turn over of helper monkeys as with sewn up mouths they can’t eat but your gorilla will be safe. Edited by Lolly
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