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Mutants! just curious

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Whats the most extreme mutants you've encountered? excluding the obvious ones that happen.


i have had a few mutants back in the day, i actually went out of my way to find them for a while when i had more beans than sense.

had a couple of poly's.. tri-nodes..


and one that still blows my mind today, was a microplant.. 


i had one abnormal looking seed pop and i let it go for a week in cotton wool before i decided to physically remove the shell myself.

i noticed, there was a separate growth that was about 2mm long, and about 1/10th of a mm wide shoot and a tiny pinhead of green spec on it.


I tried to keep this alive, drip feeding it 5 or so times a day in a microfine soil mix i put it in a hole poked with a pen in with another seedling.


It lasted about 2 weeks before i had no time to tend to it during the day. Not sure if leaves or cotyledons, but they were about 3mm long/0.2mm wide.


I am curious about mutant dwarfs as i am going to start a small breeding program (pun intended) to downsize a small photo gentic i have to X with autos.

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Pictures ? Answer to your question is Abc strain and Duckfoot mutants ...

i have no pics of that perticular plant, i wish i had of got some but it was before the days of digital cameras.. 

i also once had a few bagseed that grew 3in tall, with 2cm sugar leaves.. and microbuds. should of bred them tbh.

the photo strain i want to work with i have no idea exactly what it is, even the guy i got them off doesn't know but they 

seem to top out at about 50cm tall and 50cm wide, and leaves only get to about 5 or 6cm.. but a few have been smaller.

if i manage to somehow get a few runts and keep breeding them down, i might look at adding in some abc/duckfoot genetics.

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