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Thoughts on this plant?

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very difficult to id a plant by name but there are things you can look at to possibly give you some ideas


leaves , they look like hybrids , the leaves on the purple looking one seem a little thinner than the other plant in the pic

but not as thin as a pure sativa plant , same with the other plant , the leaves are a little wider but not as wide as a pure 

indica , so to me the leaves are a sign of a hybrid , possibly one leaning a little more sativa dominate the other a little

more indica dominate , based on leaves alone  


buds / flowers , seem to be the opposite , the wider leaf plant seem to be more spear shaped flowers which is a little 

more sativa leaning imo , the purple thinner leaf one looks a little more knobby fist shaped flowers which imo is more 

indica leaning 


basically whether any of that is accurate really doesn't mean much , if you were able to do cannabis dna sequencing

along with cannabinoid testing & found a combination of cannabinoids that worked for you , that would give you some 

handy info 


but for you & ya plants the most important test is smoking it , you'll enjoy or not but either way you move on to the next 

grow , if it's important for you to know what your growing then buy from a breeder that hopefully has his act together producing

seed of a stable cultivar you like , of cause cloning enters the conversation at this point 


otherwise harvest , hang ya buds in a room kept under 26c & you should be able to retain that mango kinda smell you mentioned 

& don't jar flowers to early 


hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor

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