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Plants keep going down when lights off


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Hi guys, I need a help with my grow I have two plants one is auto and the other one is regular. Before starting with grow I was told to let it dry good and water again and that’s what I’ve been doing not too much but when the lights goes off the leaves ALL curl down and I don’t know what to do.. I give water twice a week and after seeing this problem I thought it could be thirsty so I started to give water at least 4x a week but it didn’t work..

Shoud I let it dry completely before next watering ? I get scared because it starts to dry and when I put water the leaves go back up.. then stays up until lights goes off and then down again always the same process anyone can help me please??



Lights on: 28c lights off: 19c

Lights W: 350w

Grow in coco

Using canna nutrients

Usually I give 1.5 L Of water for each plant

Fan ocilating (I thought the reason could be too cold)



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That's normal when the lights go off. It's the plants "sleep" stage.


A lot of people think you need a dark period for this to happen but in reality even plants on 24/7 will still have a period of "sleep time" when the plants do the same as you are noticing.


When to water can be confusing for new growers because over and under watering look very similar but it is best to err on the side of a bit to dry than too wet IMO. cannabis hates water logged roots more than just about anything else from my exp. other than in systems like DWC or aero that only work if a lot of effort is put into ensuring the water has large amounts of dissolved oxygen.

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I have a question for you:- At night do you stand up right to rest? NO. And nor do plants. Just like us plants need a rest period and that's basically what your plant is doing. Resting.

Some ornamental flowers show this process throughout the day. The flowers open with the morning sun and turn to follow the sun, then close up as the sun goes down and the temps drop.

IMHO that's exactly what your plant is doing, so don't be too worried. It's a normal process.



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