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Odd leaf droop

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Hi guys new to indoor, done once before but only to give em s kickstart before moving outdoors. This is going all the way. Plants have been under 2 600w hps, mainly due to me needing to up the temps, its an ebb n flow type system, im growing in clay balls in 250mm pots. Plants are from clone. Been in the tent about 5 weeks. Was using canna classic but about to do the flip and got aqua flores so the ph doesnt fuctuate. A mate helped set this up the same as his and the watering schedule is 15mins on through halos every 1.5 hrs. I feel this mgt be too much? Let me know what you guys think of the leaves im about to post. I thought maybe root rot, but they look nice n white and i was running hydrogen peroxide through the system for about 8 days because i had a little algae on the balls and a bit on the little rock cubes the clones were in. I took cuttings and lollipopped them tonight, so looking to flip in about 7 days. They are def hungry cause I had the ec at 1.1 on saturday arvo when i did a res change so i cld introduce some cannazyme and is down to .8 just now.


Do u think they are getting waterd too much? The resevoirs are 70l and i have to air stones in each, and an aquarium heater that has water temp around 17-18 degrees.

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Its saying each day its maxing out at 28c and the humidity is maxing at 86%, mgt speed up the fans then to bring temp n humidity down, had a shit run getting cuttings. Took 12 on monday and ended up frying them with a seahawk heat mat, took another 12 wed ngt and then had them fried from the 4x55w t5s. I turned 2 off and i have one strawberry banana and 3 9lb hammers left of the 12. Really want to flip but they say u sld wait 7-10 days after taking clones.

One more question, as i said i have a ebb and flow type system and id been using canna classic vega through this whole veg cycle. Iv recently learned in this sysytem canna aqua is better as the ph doesnt fluctuate as much, so i bought the canna aqua flores, my mate said when he flips to 12/12 he adds 40ml of the flores in a 5 gal bucket to the 65l res every 2 days to slowly start introducing the flower ferts, i was going to do that but with me having aqua not classic flowering nutes will this matter? Sld i just keep using the canna classic vega 3 weeks into the flip then do a res change n use the aqua flores or do you think id be able to mix it? Any help wld be appreciated, my first grow and looking to flip in a few days

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