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Clones vs Seeds

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Can you grow more weight per sqm from your grow space using seeds over clones?


I have 2 tents. One 0.8 X 0.8 X 1.6, I can use this either for a mother or for raising them from seed. The other tent 1.2 X 1.2 X 2 will be the flower tent.


My thinking is that I can plant the seeds in the small tent and bring them up to say 4 weeks. Then move into the flower tent and harvest after another 8-10 weeks.


If I go with clones will the clones take more time to get to harvest than the 4 week old plants?


I do not have any other space to use apart from the tents.


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Clones are a exact copy of a plant, get a real good plant you like, you can clone it over and over, and keep the exact same plant going


Seeds are all variable 


Clones are quicker to finish flowering, quicker growing, can get a big busy plant a lot quicker, the won't start to flower any quicker, but the flowering time is shorter

can be 1-3 weeks faster, strain dependent obviously 


Good onya Buzzer, your having a go and thinking about it as well  :thumbsup: look forward to your "Pedro" like result ??

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The clones may take a little longer

I'm the same got 2 areas

I try and stress try ,after they finish in the flower room ,hopefully I got some that have had at least 8 weeks and ready to flower

Whether they be clones or seedlings

This way you get 8 weeks veg ,thus a better yield

Go 1/2 clones half seedlings

See what's better for you

Me I'll run something real nice 3 times,by then I get a bit bored and run something else

I use winter to bring up my boys outside,never hurts to have pollen ready from a few of your nice ones

All up to you,what you are trying to achieve



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So even if all of your seeds are made on the same plant with a mother and father of prime genetics you can still get variance in the plants they produce? I was hoping that if all seeds are from the same batch that they would be pretty stable.


If you use your small tent for the mother what space do you use to get the clones up to 8 weeks before going into the flower tent? do you vege the clones in the same tent as the mother? wouldn't that get crowded in the 0.8 X 0.8?


On my first few grows I had really good results from the Auto genetics I used. So I was thinking I could start 4 autos in the smaller tent for about 4-6 weeks and then move them into the bigger tent to finish up in another 6 weeks. From what I've seen of the Fast buds genetics I believe I can fill my 1.2 X 1.2 tent in a scrog with just the 4 autos. I might be overstating but gotta try n see


My aim to pull the most weight over the year. Harvest every 6 weeks. But I'm sure it won't be that easy


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I used to veg me clones for 4 weeks at the most, just starting to grow out when put in, running them in Areoponics, was a strain I made 30 years ago,, run it for 20 or so ?

would get a min 8 oz and up to 12 oz per plant, two to a 50 l tub, one was always bigger/heavier


was a genuine 8 week strain, 8 weeks of 12/12, so about a 6 1/2 weeks by todays weird way of counting  flowering time 


you can't find them anymore, the real quick ones to breed with, they only produce a few OZ till you outcross them and work them further, so they got bred out I think ?? for added weigh

they are by far the best affie indica around, called mine "killer indy" and it was, no one wanted it ffs 


DC's hey 

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