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2nd grow and deficiency problems

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Growing Medium: soil - Osmocote Organics Plus with perlite
Growing Style:2x4 tent
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Every 4-6 days
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC):  <800 PPM total
PH Levels: aiming for 6.5
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 19-22 degrees at 50%RH
Air Flow/Fans etc.: 2-3 small fans
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): 240W LED
Total Wattage: 240
Growth Stage: Vegging
Plants Age:2-3 months
Cannabis Strain: Strawberry dawg pound


2 plants with the same problems. I thought I maybe have ph down the water too much, but I gave them a good flush about 1 month ago.


The light has been at 80W to start off, now around 130W. No rush on growth as I’m going to build a flowering “tent”.


2nd grow here. I have 5 in a 4x2 tent, lights on 24/7. I won’t flower in this tent, it’s got me fucked what is wrong with them. At first I thought it was a magnesium deficiency, but I don’t know?


I added dolomite lime to the soil, didn’t seem to do much. I’ve feed with with powerfeed green a few times, but since the soil has slow release fertilisers it in, mainly I feed with seasol.


I try and ph the water to 6.5. Sydney tap water. Containers are 14L size. Runoff is normally over 1000PPM when I checked a few week ago.


I have 3 others plants in there and they don’t exhibit these problems??













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Maybe overwatering because they do seem a bit droopy as well, is the pot saturated and they are drooping like that? relooking every 4 - 6 days watered might be potentially underwatered for a plant that size causing ph issues within the media as well.


I'd be feeding them much more mate, even though you are using a potting mix with controlled release fertilliser it looks like you've mixed a large amount of perlite in there as well which has no nutrient content they ahve probably used up what is in there.. Potentially look at getting a full spectrum hydroponic nute, I know some have had success with biocanna range indoors in potting mix. I feel like a medium strength feed ph'd right would do wonders. 


If you want a quick fix you could try foliar spraying some seasol for the micro nutrient content, it won't fix the underlying issues but it should help green the plants up a bit.

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IMO it's root rot

They look over dosed

You said the soil has slow release ferts and you are feeding it

PH and EC mainly are contributed to hydroponic grows

Where There is a inert medium used ie coco ,that's needs nutrients for the plant to survive

All you should be adding is water until the ferts in the soil are exhausted

You really don't need to buffer your PH level water straight from the tap will be fine

My guess is that now you have created a very salty environment, your soil has a low PH

Your plants can't feed

The really dark green is a sign of nitrogen toxicity

Flushing soil is not really a option again this is more a hydroponic term where you can "clean" the medium of salt build ups


I would just give plain water and see if there is improvement in the new growth


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Thankyou for everyone comments.


Weird thing is, I didn't disclose this in the original post. I repotted the soil with osmocote seedling mix about 1 month ago. I repotted the soil becasue I through that was the problem.


I inspected the roots at this time and they looked fine. I cut off about 1/2 of the roots then because they were growing like crazy. They have grown back coming out the bottom of the pot and usual white.


It shocked the plants for about 2 weeks (they were droopy), however they seem to have come back now.


I haven't heard of rot root before and am careful not to overwater, being in winter though, I realise less water is needed compared to warmer temperatures.


I have tried folair feeding with trace element and magnesium chalete from bunnings but didn't seem to do much/anything. I can notice a bit of nitrogen toxicity with brown tips on the leaves.


I don't how to fix root rot but I'll do some more research. I can take the plant out of the pot to show everyone to tell me if root rot is occuring? Would that help?

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There's probably never a good reason to cut the roots of your plants mate.


Whatever problem you had before transplant you've made it worse by chopping off the roots.


Soil with slow release fert probably only needs water like Micmac said. If I were you I'd grab some aloevate and supernatural from the hydro store, Aloevate is a plant tonic with silica which is great for relieving stress and supernatural is a high quality root stimulant.


I'm a Coco grower so I could be wrong but those products won't do them any harm. And ask the bloke in the hydro shop about how to apply them to the osmocote soil


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Hi :)


Not sure if this helps but I use Osmocote Organics Plus soil too when growing in pots with 3/6 mths slow release fertiliser in outdoor pots.


What I found was that it needed extra fertiliser and like you, I used seasol but also powerfeed half strength about once a week or a fortnight, depending on how the plants are looking (some recommend the purple powerfeed, I used the red one) and epsom salts occasionally when looking a bit pale.


Also, I sprinkle More Osmocote Organics Plus slow release fertiliser on top of the soil, beneath the mulch layer I have on top - a few times during the grow season...the soil needs more of these ferts (seasol, powerfeed & slow release) in pots - more regularly than recommended but not as strong eg half dose.


Because of watering above soil, much of the nutrients run to waste and the plant doesn't get what it needs.

Maybe the issue although interesting the other 3 plants supposedly on same regime as these ones are doing ok.

All the best :)


edit: also as already mentioned above, I'd be checking you're not over watering

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