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LBH 4 way Question

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So the Peyote Critical was topped as per LBH's tutorial after the 4th node. Plant is now 4 weeks from first breaking soil.


For the second round of topping he states " ...All those nice new sprouts coming out of the middle of each arm...pull em! Everything doubles again!!"


Ive read numerous links to this and others have questioned what exactly this means, so as to not fuck shit up. He accepts "it needs cleaning up a bit" but I have been unable to find exactly what to do....and suspect whatever I'm supposed to be topping should be done right about now.


Could someone please show me via my photo where I am to attack??post-66925-0-16302100-1595646579_thumb.jpg

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Hey Bomber,

You call it 'topping' but years ago when I was growing outdoors they used to call it 'tipping', in real basic terms it's plucking the very centre of each growing tip, that nice new growth right in the middle.

On your photo, I'd suggest these are the 4 primary tipping points post-24238-0-03482000-1595649416_thumb.jpg


She looks like she's only just been tied down. I'd be waiting until those tips are facing up BEFORE tipping. She's trying to cope with the change of being tied down, tipping her at the same time can stress her out more than is necessary.

Hope it helps



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Thanks sooo much merl1n.


I presumed I was to top the end of the branch( of which I have four, in a + shape due to tying and one topping), but LBH's phrasing of all those nice new sprouts coming out of the middle of each arm I presumed meant as highlighted here...




So in essence, as the four branches grow and extend outwards, keep tipping 'em at the end of the branch...and not the growth tips to be found in the middle, as circled?



And yes, tied down with bent wire 4 days ago, and then again today( is that right?) as the plant grew pretty rapidly, so currently two wires anchoring her branches horizontal.


Too soon to top a second time?

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"Too soon to top a second time?"

Yes, too soon. After they've been tipped the growth rate will be slowed down as the plant splits that stem into 2 new growing tips, but its only the very centre, the very tip that gets plucked.

With topping you take the whole top growth, a bit like this 


If you are going to top rather than tip, take the cutting right back to where the next branch leaves the main stem. If you leave the stem like the 2nd scribble above, with a bit of remaining growth, that remaining growth will die back but it's a great route for pathogens to enter and affect the whole plant as it dies off. So, cut it back like the 3rd scribble.

BUT NEVER, EVER tip or top once your lights are in 12/12. Do that and your buds will be all light and fluffy with no density whatsoever.



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