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Advice for my first plant. Plant drooping.

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Blueberry Feminized



Hey just wandering about your opinions on my plant, is it looking healthy? Because the leaves started drooping and I’m concerned because I have no idea why.


Also it’s not very tall I’m not sure how big it should be at this point but it is on its 3rd week of veg.


It’s light cycle is 18/6 at the moment.


It isn’t over watered as the drooping started when the soil was dry and ready for water.







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"...is it looking healthy?..."  IMHO, Yes, she's looking OK.

A big issue for 'newbies' (which we ALL were at some stage) is micromanagement ie making many little changes. At this point she's still in her 'grow' period and is fairly forgiving/tolerant.

She's nice'n'green and I agree with Frank "...doesn't look too bad should come good".

She's a weed, let her grow

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Alright thanks guys, yeah seems Frank was right the plant was just drooping from the dry soil perked back up after a good feeding.


I know it’s most likely still to early to tell but is it looking female? I’ve heard males don’t have many leaves and this one looks quite bushy



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